that moment when you realize you’re a bit of a groupie

I think it was through an episode of The X-Files years ago that I learned about this displacement strategy: talking about an experience using you when you really mean me. That really resonated with me probably because I was up past my bedtime on a school night and hadn’t yet accumulated enough life experience to realize how obvious it was.

But let’s take it further: this morning a friend of mine (who absolutely isn’t me) woke up and rushed to check out the new issue of Seamwork before even having coffee, not to mention breakfast. Between coffee and breakfast she downloaded the two dress patterns and is now feeling like a bit of a nut about two things: (1) wondering obsessively about when to sew the two dresses and with what fabrics, (2) writing about herself in the third person.

So do I have a problem or do these two dresses make you at least want to believe?*

Photo from Colette Patterns / Seamwork

Just to be clear: I’m not affiliated with Seamwork or Colette in any way, I just really like their patterns.

*I’m also not involved in The X-Files reboot, it’s just that allusions get away from me sometimes.

More importantly: would you/will you sew these? What fabrics would you choose?


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11 thoughts on “that moment when you realize you’re a bit of a groupie”

  1. It’s true – I did much the same. Even the Seamwork patterns I disregard initially usually end up attracting me in the end. I very much like Kenedy (although why the one ‘n’?) and would like to sew it soon. I also love the back of Catarina, but the front is a little high for a amply-bosomed lady sadly.


    1. I know what you mean. There were a few patterns that made me go “oh, whatever”… and then a few weeks later I would return and hit download. I definitely need to finally sew more of them.

      About Kenedy: since Seamwork patterns are named after places, I will admit to google-mapping those I can’t immediately place. That’s what I did with these two and found that they are in Texas, and Kenedy is indeed spelled with one “n.” I was surprised by that spelling, too, by the way.

      Back to sewing: are you going to try muslining the Catarina bodice to modify the front neckline? I would need to study the pattern more or muslin it myself to figure out what can be done with it successfully.

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      1. Aha! I have never seen Kenedy spelled with one n. I’m thinking that’s got to be one of those spelling discrepancies from back in the day. I love that the founder’s first name is Mifflin!! What a great name! Ahem, anyway. I’m not sure I will attempt the Catarina simply because my skills are absolutely not up to any major redrafting yet – maybe in six months time hopefully? I have moved one bust dart so far. That’s it! Plus I have sooooo many other dress patterns to use. I’m pretty keen on the Mifflin though, so that is on the list. I would be interested as to what you would make of the Catarina. Looking at it, I guess making the front too deep might make the top a little unstable/unbalanced? I have no idea really, but the back is so low.


        1. Can’t lie — that spelling takes conscious effort. I wonder how many letters they get in Kenedy with the town’s name misspelled?

          Now that we’ve talked about that name so much I realize I’m not sure anymore which dress is which… I have to take an honest look at the fabrics I have, especially the ones I’m somewhat scared of cutting into. I believe I might have assigned to them to some pipe-dream-type projects… like a Big Four pattern.

          You see, when it comes to experience with fitting, alteration, and all kinds of changes, I don’t think there’s a clear trajectory. I’ve altered necklines with some success but I still have no clue how to find my size on a Big Four pattern. I’ve researched it and have taken care to measure pattern pieces, and still all my attempts have ended in a potato-sack-shaped fiasco.


          1. Hah – you are quite right. I was so fixated on the names I got them completely the wrong way round. Oops. I plan to make the Catarina, not the Kenedy. Damned n distracted me. Honest. 🙂 That’s funny (and not so funny I guess) about the Big 4 patterns. I have purchased a fair number but haven’t tried any yet. I shall have to work up to my potato sack!!


  2. I want to make both! These dresses are messing up my unwritten to-sew list… They make me forget it’s still very cold and that I actually need separates a bit more than dresses, and that I almost never go to parties. These practical reminders are not working. I feel myself giving in to the Dress Overlords…

    You never know — you might have much better luck with Big 4 patterns than I have had so far. I recommend taking a look at some Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting videos on YouTube (they talk about picking the right size of McCall’s patterns) and especially the “Choosing the Right Pattern Size” video at They’re very helpful, though indeed I’m still pretty deep in the woods.

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  3. I audibly hasped when I saw Catarina. That dress is PERFECT.

    I love the Seamwork reveal on the first of the month – it’s very low-stakes sewing gambling


      1. Hi Melina! So nice to meet you 🙂

        I absolutely agree about the Catarina dress. It’s a fantastic dress and I keep trying to figure out what I could sew it up in. Probably not silk — and not just because I’m scared of ruining it — rayon would be a more practical choice for my life and I really do like wearing that fabric.

        What’s your plan for this pattern? — because I’m guessing you’re either already working on it or figuring out the details 🙂

        PS: Pesky typos are always waiting to sneak into our comments — they certainly manage to sneak into mine all the time.


        1. I’m still in the planning stages, but I am absolutely going to sew up a Catarina as soon as I can. I’m on a very strict fabric budget right now (as in, I can’t afford to buy any), but I would love to sew it up in a drapey rayon, maybe with a geometric print. I have some soft voile in my stash that I might try for a first run. I know that my main problem with sewing it up will be taping the pattern together. As much as I love Seamwork, I really, really hate prepping PDF patterns.

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          1. I can relate to sewing budget constraints. Sometimes there isn’t much — or any — wiggle room in this respect, depending on the situation, and the fabric you need may not be in the stash… But constraints can be very good (or so I hope, since I’ve put in a “no buy” rule after my last fabric purchase). As tough as they are to embrace, they can really force a sewist to get creative.

            Voile sounds like an excellent choice for the Catarina! So now you just need to tape the PDF into submission 😉


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