link time

I’d like to share a few interesting (mostly online) reads and things to watch. In no particular order:

  • a neat idea: Big Vintage Sewalong. Here’s the list of participating bloggers and here’s the first post in the series at What Katie Sews, with a neat adaptation of a vintage pattern re-edition. (I actually have that pattern but, since I haven’t cracked the Big 4 Fitting Riddle, I’m not very likely to sew it up.)
  • a great post by Felicia at The Craft Sessions about slow fashion and questions of privilege, social class, and, quite simply, the difficulty of finding out what is an ethical choice in our very complicated world
  • next on the Colette Book Club listOverdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion (I’m currently rereading it and recommend it highly)
  • more on the topic of fast fashion: Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion, a Norwegian documentary series that follows three young fashion bloggers on a trip to a Cambodian garment factory. You can watch the series here with English subtitles
  • I’m a big fan of Lisa Comfort’s YouTube videos: it’s not even the sewing, I could just watch them for Lisa’s sense of humor. The shift dress collection video is my favorite — if I could imagine having a wardrobe full of dresses, shift dresses would be my pick, and I love that almost all the dresses Lisa shows here have a story

I leave you with this image:

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