a donut by any other name…

The bad pun express is approaching a stop, I promise.

I want to tell you about this Beignet skirt, fresh off the machine. If my family was feuding with this skirt’s family, our love would deserve a play. </bad pun> It might just be the perfect skirt.

the skirt in motion

Instead of an epic account of how I overcame my fear of those twelve buttonholes, let me give you a digest of the making process.

First off, fabric: lightweight denim from the Craftsy store, mystery stiff cotton for facings and pockets (thrift finding), lining fabric… none. I’ll let you decide if (1) I’m a rebel, (2) I’m lazy, (3) hey, it’s denim, why line?

Notions: lots of thread (all those buttonholes and then I also decided to topstitch using the triple stretch stitch), 12 buttons (a gift from past me who snatched them up at a now-closed store), fusible interfacing

pocket full of roses

Good advice I followed: (1) marking the buttonholes as accurately as I could, then re-measuring obsessively, (2) treating the buttonholes with some Fray Check before cutting them open, (3) putting a pin in charge of my bar tacks’ integrity.

Take a peek at what’s inside:

Size: I could have sized down, judging by the finished measurements, but decided to play it safe and went with the larger size based on body measurements. It’s fine, but I might size down for the next Beignet. The difference between the two sizes isn’t too significant, so we’ll see.

The most difficult part: Not the buttonholes. The %$#!@ belt loops. Fiddly bastards. Baste them in place. Measure. Wrangle if needed.

… the back. The top is a Laurel blouse, so it’s Colette from head to toe, basically.

Final thoughts: Love. Want to make again as soon as the right fabric comes along.


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8 thoughts on “a donut by any other name…”

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I actually spent a silly amount of time wondering about that lining. But it absolutely works as it is — no trouble with tights, so I’m happy. And I do want to wear this skirt in the warmer months.

      Congratulations again on that new dress for Cassie. I’m really intrigued by the fabric you used.


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