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The sewing list made me do it: another Plantain/Tonic tee lovechild, Geneva undies, and a much needed half-slip

Hello, everyone! How is Me-Made May going for you? As I predicted, I’m finding the daily outfit photos really challenging (and running late with those as a result). But I’ll zip it for now, at least till the end of the first week.

So here’s a bit of a throwback to what I made in April.

First off, I made a sewing list. I was getting really confused by my unwritten non-committal list (I know, surprise, surprise). So I wrote down all the must-sews and the maybe’s. The list turned out long, and maybe not entirely realistic. But it gave me an idea of where I stand with fabrics I already have… and it helps me to avoid buying fabrics at a time I really want to tighten the belt. And make it a fabric belt. From the stash.

But don’t let me convince you that fabric and sewing commitments are that much fun. I want to keep to the sewing list but a part of me is already trying to rebel against it and its priorities.

I really like Felicia’s Stash Less posts over at The Craft Sessions and really recommend them not only if you’re looking to discipline your stash but also if you’re looking for some honest talk about the challenges.

Here’s my modest contribution to that “honest talk” part…

I decided to kick off sewing from the list with a few of the basics that my wardrobe really needs, made only with fabrics and trims I already have. Unfortunately, I quickly got competitive with myself, imagining I would make more than one tee and pair of undies… and I realized there was no point in racing or trying to stretch it beyond the fabrics that were immediately presenting themselves for the projects.

So here’s what I actually made:

A tee from my blend of the Plantain and Tonic tee patterns. The neckline shaping and sleeves are from the Deer and Doe Plantain, and the shape below the bust comes from the SBCC Tonic tee. I like the neckline and armhole fit from Plantain but for skirts I need a closer-fitting tee, and the Tonic tee’s shaping is perfect there. Fabrics: black rayon knit with black lightweight ribbing for the neckline binding and cuffs.

Another pair of the Geneva undies. This isn’t view 2 but rather the result of some creative impromptu cutting and redrafting to suit my remnants. Fabrics and notions: jersey remnants left after cutting out t-shirts, vintage stretch lace seam binding bought second-hand a few months ago, elastic from stash.

The half-slip I had been forever putting off. This is my personal triumph against my natural laziness. I’ve had this polyester remnant waiting for months now and thanks to my evil list I finally made myself sew it up according to its intention. The lace trim was a second-hand find, elastic from stash. I used Gertie’s tutorial, by the way.

Thoughts: I don’t particularly love sewing knits and I definitely hate sewing in elastic, so that was the tough part. But I love having these items. You win, list. I am now your servant.

Do you have a sewing list or a plan for stashing less? Do you find it hard to stick to your plan?


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5 thoughts on “from the sewing list”

  1. Funny, I just made a sewing list too, maybe we are tapping into a seasonal, spring organization feeling.
    My list is 1)Things that would be useful and 2)Things that would be fun.
    Neither list will be completed, but both are satisfying and they set up a nice balance for being both constructive and creative.


    1. I was really resisting the list. The list kind of feels like my boss and I’m itching to defy it, even though the list is totally right about what I need and about what should be fun… I hate it when the list is right. But I also kind of love it because I really needed — and still need — to fill wardrobe gaps.

      What’s on your “useful sewing” list? Apart from more simple tops (and more undies, jersey scraps permitting) mine includes a bias-cut slip, pettipants, pj pants, and finally tackling some big girl work-appropriate pants, the prospect of which terrifies me.


        1. Any fitting advice? I see so much online about how difficult it is to fit pants that it gets pretty disheartening. I would like to give pants a try, even though I’m a scaredy cat.


          1. My advice is stick with skirts.
            Hahahahahaaa just kidding.
            My advice is Don’t start with jeans, they have many fit and construction details that are unforgiving.
            The ideal situation would be to make some trouser-y type pants, and then meet with someone who can fit you *and* help you transfer the fitting changes onto your pattern so you see and understand what the changes are.
            Or, try a bunch of pants patterns, figure out which fits you best with no changes, and only buy pants patterns from that company.

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