Me-Made May: Days 1-7


1Mesa knit shift& 3 – Plantain tee dress hack (tutorial here), – Scout tee, – another Scout tee– Laurel blouse, 7 – Beignet skirt and Oregon Coast cardigan (knitted from this pattern)

Thoughts so far:

  • Daily photos are fun to follow on Instagram and blogs, but I really dislike taking them myself. It was mostly cold this week, with a few very cloudy, dark days, which made the task even harder. Now, Zoe does specify in her description of the challenge that the daily selfies are not a requirement, but we are nonetheless in the era of “photos or it didn’t happen” even if that’s an unwritten rule…
  • Wearing at least one me-made item a day is not terribly hard. Having to document it, though, makes me slightly self-conscious about my go-to items. I’m not a particularly exciting dresser to begin with, but I also tend to feel very constrained by context and tasks on a given day. I wish this past week had been a bit more interesting wardrobe-wise… with less time spent in those RTW jeans, but it couldn’t be helped. In my defense, I also wore me-made socks on those days… but I forgot to document that and now they’re in the wash. I guess there’s a lesson there.
  • Did I already say I really, really enjoy seeing everyone’s makes in action this month? Lots of sewing inspiration there.
  • I made something. It was on my list but not really among necessities/practical makes. Details soon.

How’s Me-Made May going for you?


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2 thoughts on “Me-Made May: Days 1-7”

    1. Thanks! Followed back 😉 Outside of #mmmay I don’t post on IG that often.

      I wish I had used a more durable yarn on that cardi. It pilled pretty quickly but, I think, remains wearable — or that’s what I rell myself. I’m not likely to make this one again. It took ages: it’s lace in laceweight yarn.


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