Me-Made May: Days 8-14

8 – 10: Laurel blouses, all in rayon, 11Laurel dress12 – pencil skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing (more photos on Kollabora), 13Rooibos14 – Hollyburn (Kollabora)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another round-up of my head-less — or maybe head-free, huh? — selfies. Week 2 of Me-Made May felt increasingly optimistic as the weather warmed up and I happily put on skirts and dresses.

What’s the lesson there? Is it time to face the dragon, i.e. time to muslin some pants? Maybe these? Then again, about this time last year I started my three-month marathon of exclusively wearing skirts and dresses.

Well, who knows what will happen. I’m already cheating on my sewing list with an impulse project. Stay tuned for the details.

How was your week?


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I write about sewing, knitting, and may sometimes be tempted to talk about books.

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