Me-Made May: Days 15-21

15 – Beignet skirt, Plantain/Tonic tee, un-shaped Boyfriend cardi16 – another Plantain/Tonic tee, teal linen circle skirt, the same cardi as the day before, plus, not pictured, me-made half-slip 17 – teal circle skirt, Scout tee in Cotton + Steel rayon… and, later, Laurel dress 18 – Laurel blouse, handknit cardigan, RTW pants, 19 – Plantain tee with RTW pants, 20 – Beignet with a rayon Laurel blouse, Laurel dress in the evening, 21 Veronika circle skirt with a brand new Plantain/Tonic tee

Past the half-way point, yay! Selfies remain difficult but I will admit that they are really useful.

What I’ve learned so far, in no particular order of importance:

  • I really like the simple tops I’ve made so far, especially the Laurels and Scouts in rayon and the tees I’ve made from my Plantain/tee mashup pattern
  • I should make another Beignet skirt
  • the Laurel dress in the rayon print I’ve been on the fence about is actually incredibly practical, comfortable, and just nice. I need another one like that.

May sewing so far:

  • Rooibos — definitely growing on me. I’m wondering whether a 3/4 sleeve tee in white would work underneath on colder days…
  • Plantain/Tonic tee with cap sleeves: made it on Friday and I really like it. The fabric is an interlock knit from Joann’s. It’s a bit on the thicker side, with — I think — quite a lot of cotton. Feels and looks nice, isn’t transparent. We’ll see how it wears. Intended as a replacement for a RTW tee in a similar color that is thinning with every wash.
  • the third project I promised myself… we shall see. The McCall’s dress is on the verge of a fiasco, suddenly. I don’t know yet if I can rescue it. Pretty sad about that.

Off to figure out some baby sewing and get away from my McCall’s dress crisis.

How is your Me-Made May going?


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3 thoughts on “Me-Made May: Days 15-21”

  1. those are all some really great pieces you have there! I like all of them and they look so good together. I particularly love the grey skirt you are wearing in the last picture. Lovely! 🙂


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