not my Eureka but I’ll take it!

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Hello! Fitting quest week continues. Before I went on a long ramble about tape measures, I left my recent dress fitting mishap unresolved, with two potential ways forward. Those were: (1) go sleeveless, or (2) figure out how to get more room on the back and recut the back.

The first one is obviously the saner of the two. But the second one is as appealing as it is masochistic. Why?, you might ask. Because not being able to move my arms in McCall’s 6891 scared me like the ghost of Christmas future. Regardless of what I do with that particular dress, I’m now pretty obsessed with getting at least an estimate of how much width I need on the upper back.

Luckily, when I was done crying about this newly discovered fitting challenge, I remembered that I had actually read a really good description of it. Sunni Standing writes about fitting clearly, and with encouragement, which is exceptional. This post about her own fitting process for extra upper back width is really illuminating.

This is also a lesson about the different silhouettes for which pattern companies and designers draft. I didn’t have this issue show up in the Colette patterns I’ve sewn so far. And, trust me, after last week’s fiasco I did put several of those clothes on wondering (half-crazed) whether I somehow ignored not being to able to move my arms in them. And I learned that I didn’t dream it, I can move my arms in them.

A lot of work left on this one. How’s your sewing going?


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