Me-Made May: Days 22-31

Goodbye to Me-Made May. Thanks to Zoe for hosting and cheering on everyone who participated! Thanks to everyone who participated — I loved your photos, the wardrobes you’ve created, and your thoughts on the challenge of daily selfies!

Me-Made May deserves a proper write-up and analysis. For now, though, the last round of photos.

22 – Beignet skirt and Scout tee — I wish I had noticed how great they are together earlier

May 23rd was a very strange day, see:

 Laurel dress— Hollyburn skirt with a Maya tee that I never wear (it’s the fabric — I just don’t like the look of those huge polka dots on me), cRooibos dress and Featherweight cardigan

Things got a bit less confusing once I accepted it was suddenly very, very hot. For me, that means dresses all the time.

24, 25 — Hazel dress in crazy zigzag quilting cotton (not blogged, made last summer), 26 — contrary to what this photo suggests, I did wear actual clothes, but it was a RTW dress I threw on for a sewing marathon (undies are a me-made, from the Seamwork Geneva pattern), 27 — sewing marathon done and the BHL Anna dress was ready!, 28 — couldn’t get enough of Anna,  29 — the first Hazel I made, with a bonus cat tail photoboms, 30 — the second Hazel again, 31 — Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt

That’s it from me for now. Cheers, everyone!


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