unselfish sewing: refashion for a baby onesie

I took an invitation to a baby shower as an invitation to experiment. This was to supplement a gift from the registry.



My experience with baby clothes is… no experience. I went on a fact-finding mission to the baby section in a large store that will remain unnamed. All the onesies seemed to be made from gauze or gauze-like fabrics. I didn’t see any made from jersey, so I thought this would be at least something to try out. And something that is likely to withstand many washes during the five minutes when it’s likely to fit the baby.

I used this free pattern, an unworn tee that I’d been unable to part with because of that fun print, and some yellow jersey scraps for binding.

By the way, the print is off-center because it was printed off-grain on the t-shirt. I did my best…

This was my fastest sewing project, I think, even with setting up the serger and all the fiddling with the binding. My only freak out came when I started doubting whether the parents would like it — the crisp new onesies at the store got me worried that a refashion would be gauche as a gift.

Still, I will make one again soon because there is a printed tee that I’m hoarding for another pair of parents. No doubts in that case.

What’s your take on baby clothes: do you think the way to go is crisp and new or once-loved by other children, maybe even refashioned?


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2 thoughts on “unselfish sewing: refashion for a baby onesie”

  1. This is the cutest! I’ve felt the same uncertainty about my quilts in the past, but after receiving so much positive feedback about using upcycled materials, I started feeling way more confident in my craft. As for baby clothes, my outlook definitely changed after baby number one. With my second-born, I wasn’t too precious about where his clothes came from, as long as they were clean. 😉 To me, a refashioned tee-to-onesie (especially one as cool as yours) is an awesome gift! I think it just depends on the parents.

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