When Fabric Met Pattern

… the hesitation reached the same heated level as in When Harry Met Sally. No hilarious time was had at a restaurant but some serious doubts where had over the cutting mat.

And the question lingers: did it work out for that gored skirt or should I be headed for clown college in this dress?


The pattern is Anna, again. This time I went with the v-neck variation.

The fabric is the only bit of rayon from my stash that was long enough for a dress. It’s a print I found at Joann Fabrics many moons ago.

The doubts are all about whether the irregular stripes of the fabric work in combination with the skirt panels.

More evidence for your consideration:

As far as construction goes, I went with mostly French seams again. I also decided to substitute a hand-picked lapped zipper for the recommended invisible zipper yet again. And yet again I did not regret it one second.

I bound the seam allowances in the seam with the zipper with Seams Great, which I picked up at one point out of curiosity. It’s a nice lightweight finish for this rayon. Definitely lighter than binding with bias tape. I also finished the edge of the facing with it. Have you tried Seams Great?

a peek inside the neckline

Staystitching that neckline was a bit scary. I was worried about stretching the bias edge. I cut the facing from a still lightweight but less drapey fabric to give the neckline more stability (you might recognize it from this project). Additionally, I stabilized its neck edge with strips of fusible interfacing. I hemmed the sleeves and the skirt by hand.

You know how it tends to go with this pattern. I have vague plans for more Annas. I wouldn’t mind giving the maxi version a try, if I have enough fabric, that is. And I’d love to make this skirt hack. Those pockets are calling to me.

But back to obsessing over those panels…

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10 thoughts on “When Fabric Met Pattern”

    1. Thanks! I might need a bit more time to get used to this dress — which is, frankly, what happens with everything I make. I need to spend some time thinking and wearing, and only then am I able to reach some sort of verdict. The v-neckline seems to have stretched out a bit, unfortunately. I will need to add more stabilization if I make this version again.


    1. Oh wow, thanks! And here I was wondering whether the Catarina dress from Seamwork would have been a better choice for this fabric… but that’s how I often end up stalling when I could just be making clothes.


    1. Thank you, Hanne! I hope you’re sewing in less hot and humid conditions than this dress was made 🙂 That’s been the major challenge of summer sewing for me — it’s difficult to focus when you’re melting.


  1. I like this fabric, and I gotta say, I really like your fit of the Anna dress. All other examples I’ve seen of the Anna are so fit so tightly through the midriff that the bust pleats are immediately forced open to their maximum, creating a horizontal bust-shelf. You treatment, with the looser fit through the midriff, allows the pleats to open more gently at the bust, which looks nicer and more graceful to me. So, yay for that.


    1. Thanks! I decided to add a bit to that waist seam this time around, precisely to get a slightly looser, airier fit, since it’s a summer dress.

      But the v-neckline might have been my undoing. Or, rather, my inexprience. I definitely didn’t stabilize it enough and it’s stretched out a bit. I wore it a couple times, and for now I’ve taken it off the hanger, folded it up, and am wondering about potential fixes, or even refashioning, if need be. If I make this dress again and in such a loose-woven fabric, I’ll definitely stick with the other neckline. The bias binding on the other dress has kept things nicely stable.


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