there and back again

Hello, everyone! I’m back from my trip, which turned into a longer vacation offline first due to an unexpected wifi outage and then due to life. These things like to come in pairs or even threes, so after those wifi troubles there, when I got back home the AC broke at my house, and now my sewing machine. As I’m typing this I’m melting slightly.

I have loot from the trip in the form of new sewing patterns and fabric, but I’ll leave that for the next post because I’m a slave to chronology and I have some last-minute makes from before the trip that I’d like to share with you.

Dear readers, I made pants (i.e. trousers for those among you to whom pants is not what one shows off in public). I made these in black linen, so you might not be able to see much in these photos, even though I helpfully tried to brighten them up and ended up giving myself a somewhat worrying pallor.

Can you tell that I chickened out of making culottes at the last minute?

This is the pattern. I think I’d like to try it again, both in this longer length and as actual culottes. Apart from the length, the one modification I made was a slight sway back adjustment, and moving the zipper to the side. The center back really didn’t seem like the best place for it.

I don’t think you can tell how much I actually like these pants from those rushed photos. Especially since I paired them with a top I have very little love for. The pattern is the Maya top from Marilla Walker. I have no problem with the pattern — I love the other top I made from it earlier. I think it’s the big polka dots. They’re just too big for me, if that makes any sense to you. That, and maybe I should stop chickening out of cropping tops.

So here’s another make — a Laurel top because (a) I’m predictable and like to sew things I’ve already fitted and tested, and because (b) I had scraps from the second Anna dress.

(The change of footwear is for your amusement, dear readers, and that stick is for my cat’s.)

I’m not in love with this top. I would perhaps be if I’d sewn up the body in a solid white. There would have been a nice contrast with those black sleeves and collar. I wonder if I should have cropped it a bit too (well, I still might, right?).

I should say, though, that these clothes proved great for travel. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely not one of these women who can handle a transatlantic flight in full make up and tight clothes. I’m firmly in that sorry camp of people who get instantly dehydrated and uncomfortable. The long linen pants helped me go from hot and humid weather of the East Coast to a very cold plane and then back outside into somewhat cooler, albeit still warm, summer weather in Central Europe without losing my mind. Thank you, pants.

Now I have lengths and proportion to rethink.

But how have you been and what have you been sewing? Drop me a line, dear sewing friends.



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8 thoughts on “there and back again”

  1. Very nice indeed – and definitely sound like the perfect travelling trousers (cheers). I actually also like your Laurel top with the black contrast – it looks good and will match lots. But, hey, it’s your top, so you have to like it. 🙂 I am 100% with you on the “dressing up to fly” front. I mean, why? Just, why? I can understand it back in the 50s, when flying was exotic and probably an occasion to dress up for, but that’s certainly not the case now. The only reason I can think of is that some people try it in order to get an upgrade. I have seen that work, but have also seen the mother of all hissy fits when one designer-clad woman was told she wasn’t getting an upgrade. Oh, the satisfaction, haha.


      1. Thank you! It was intense because flight delays delayed my trip by almost 48 hours (let’s not even get into that and how that got handled). The stay itself was great. I saw family and friends in Poland and, briefly, in Germany. And I really enjoyed going from the constant heatwave of over 30 C with wild humidity to the mild 20+ temperatures in Central Europe. There were a couple of hotter days but without the stifling humidity they were much more bearable. Is it that we may never get used to certain things or simply that those lower temperatures simply make a better environment for, well, getting other things done apart from sweating and complaining about the heat?…


    1. Oh wow — I had no clue people dressed up to squeeze an upgrade out of the airline. Now you’ve opened my eyes to something I didn’t know existed 😉

      There’s no way I’d dress up and put on make up to spend seven or eight hours in a tight seat while getting hit by the, um, memorable sensations of dehydration. I always feel bad for female flight attendants who often have to wear tight-fitting clothes, make up, and, on top of that, uncomfortable shoes. They really ought to get comfortable uniforms, make up shouldn’t be required of them, and they should get the comfiest shoes.


  2. I wonder if dyeing the dotted top would help it? I like it, but I can also see how the high contrast and the large scale of the dots could make it feel loud, so maybe bringing down the contrast would bring it more into favorite shirt territory. Of course I might just be seeing the high contrast from editing the photos to make the pants visible, ha.
    I’m glad you’ve had a pants success, hooray for achieving goals!

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    1. Thanks! I’m very, very happy about the pants. Still cautious about trying a more fitted design, but I’ll get there some day 😉

      Yeah, I’ve been thinking about dyeing that top for a while now. The problem is that I’m lazy and getting a dedicated pot for dyeing seems like so much work (although it isn’t). I should dye it. I hate having things lying about that I never end up wearing.


        1. Great tip! I’ve tea-dyed yarn before. It would be interesting to try it with fabric.

          This is a rayon that came with a dry-cleaning recommendation (as if). I’ve washed it in the machine and line-dried it. I might just try tea-dyeing it, we’ll see if it takes the dye.


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