climbing the WIP mountain

Suddenly, I find myself working on this skirt. Image from Burda Style.

Hello there! With my machine safely returned from repair, I’m desperately trying to fit in bits of sewing whenever I can. The result (so far at least) is a a jumble of projects in different stages of assembly.

The oldest one among them can’t really be even blamed on machine trouble. It’s a shirtdress cut on the heels of  McCall’s 6891. It’s another McCall’s pattern, 7314… which I only learned after some research because my copy of the pattern has that inane seasonal number you can never look up anywhere (why, McCall’s?). Here’s what the pattern envelope looks like:

Image found here.

The dress in progress doesn’t look like much yet, unfortunately. It’s still very much in parts, which is a shame because the fabric is very end-of-summer appropriate. But what can you do…

Apparently, what you can do is keep procrastinating by cutting out more projects, some of them on a whim.

The Burda skirt at the top of the post is the most unexpected project of the lot. I’ve had a length of a strangely stiff poly-cotton twill fabric (misguided online purchase) that I’ve been meaning to cut into if only to have real grounds to complain about it. The pattern is from Burda Style: Wardrobe Essentials. I need to make some tweaks to the fit. I’m also thinking of adding pockets and a waistband. The pattern has no waistband and, oddly, no facing. It just tells you to line the skirt and that, to me, sounds pretty insufficient in the waist support territory. What would you say?

To take advantage of the tracing frenzy that I knew would soon fade I also finally traced the blouse that I first wrote about eons ago. No sewing progress on that one, ha ha. But hey, it’s traced so maybe some day I will stop going on about shirts and finally make one.

Let’s pretend that the only other WIPs remaining are a spur-of-the-moment Laurel dress and an equally spur-of-the-moment Rooibos dress. Let the others be covered by a blanket of silence.

What have you been up to?


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2 thoughts on “climbing the WIP mountain”

  1. Ha your procrastination techniques are similar to mine – I trace loads out when I’m not in the mood, or can’t decide what, to sew. The burda skirt looks perfect for winter. I’d say a facing or waistband will be necessary for shaping and for support but I’m no expert.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one 🙂

      The lining really doesn’t seem sufficient, does it? I think I’ll add a waistband rather than a facing this time. But we’ll see when I actually get to it. Now, what else could I trace… 😉


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