Blogger Recognition Award: Thank You & Giving Away More Awards!

Thank you, Sewing, for Cat People, for giving me this lovely blog award! It’s lovely to be included in this because these awards get to multiply — I get to give this badge to more bloggers, you, reading this, get to find out about more interesting blogs that are out there, and we get to do something fun, friendly, and affirming in what is a very bleak time.


I won’t go into detail about the “bleak bit” right now. I notice that my writing often tends toward the negative. On this particular blog it often takes the form of exploring my fitting drama. If it were possible to wait a while before giving your blog a title, I would have ditched the nonsense title and gone with “Fitting Drama” or something similar. A big thank you to those who stick with me despite — or maybe because of?… — all my fitting adventures and misadventures. Thank you for the great conversation, for cheering me on through my pant/trouser tribulations, and for your own writing!

On to the sewing blog version of the Proust Questionnaire!

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Dear Sewing for Cat People, thank you again! Congrats on your newest great-looking pair of Safran Jeans and looking forward to your future projects!

We all need more of this in our lives. But please observe work safety regulations!

2. Write a post to show your award.

Yes, we are in it as I write and you read. And time twists on itself.

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.

I’m a very private person, which for me means that keeping other areas of my life separate from this space makes me feel saner and happier. I started blogging because it gives me a sense of a fuller participation in the online sewing community — I’m not just dropping in and out of conversations but you can see my sewing side written up here, and changing over time. That’s the simple reason: to participate in conversations to a greater degree, to get a record of what I’ve been doing and thinking, and to meet people online, in the capacity we feel comfortable with.

Writing online we inevitably develop a “persona.” I like to keep my persona circumscribed and somewhat anonymous because that makes me less invested in creating an impeccable image and overidentifying with this image. That works for me. But, in all honesty, I enjoy reading very different blogs on a spectrum from very anonymous with an exclusive thematic focus to more private ones. Those of you who have been writing about illness and difficult life events have helped me in my life outside this little online bubble. I couldn’t write about life the way you do but I hope I’ve been able to express my support and my gratitude to you in a genuine way.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

I think there’s a lot of tacit and intangible pressure to create something like an online version of you, to post under your name, and to present an idealized image of your life. My major piece of advice to new bloggers would be to allow yourself to be creative and discerning about how you want to want to write, what you wish to put out there, and what you’d rather keep to yourself. Giving yourself at least some space between the you who goes to work, has colleagues, and responsibilities, and the online persona you’re writing up online will likely make you happier and freer.

This is my very subjective take on the subject but I see a lot of people making themselves captive to an image of themselves and of their life that is not even too good to be true but too plastic, perfectionist, and constraining.

And to add to that, don’t be too eager to turn yourself into a business. If you want to use blogging as a platform for a business, be strategic about it. Be upfront about the business aspect and don’t use yourself as an extension of the business because it will burn you out.

Feel free to ignore my advice if you disagree with it, obviously.

5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Here is, in random order, a list of 20 blogs that I enjoy for a whole array of reasons. One thing that brings them together is sewing. The bloggers write about it in different ways, they sew for different reasons. I owe everyone on this really not exhaustive list a big thank you for their writing, our conversations, and their sense of humor!

I hope this list lets you discover new blogs to follow regularly.

Sew It Or Throw It

Spare Room Style

Saturday Night Stitch

Belle Citadel

Handmade by Carolyn

Madame Tifaine

Chronically Siobhan


Ida Aida

Thrift Make Sew


Tea Okereke


Pretty Grievances

Sewing Is Not a Superpower

Punkty Odniesienia

Kathryn’s Busy Town

Au Fil des Pages

The Last Stitch

Pattern Scissors Cloth




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I write about sewing, knitting, and may sometimes be tempted to talk about books.

14 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award: Thank You & Giving Away More Awards!”

  1. You are most welcome for your nomination! I think you’ve given great advice on remaining private while still haveing a blog. I have to admit, I love your doll as your avatar, I think it’s such a brilliant idea I only wish I’d thought of it!


  2. Thank you for the mention Kalimak! I too started blogging anonymously, but over time I became more comfortable with revealing my real name and face! Now I’m off the check out some of the blogs on your list I was not aware of!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure! Your tips help me sew better, so I’m infinitely grateful 🙂 Zipper installation became less stressful and much neater once I took your advice and started inserting zippers earlier than patterns typically tell you to.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. aw, thanks so much for mentioning me! I’m honoured to be in such company! I really enjoyed reading about your thoughts entering into blogging too, and your perspective . 🙂


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