Seasonal Wardrobe Disorder #2

Some time in the middle of last week I sat down to make the following sketch:


It was getting warmer and my overall seasonal wardrobe deficiencies were stirring my imagination, so I cooked up a list that reflects my (as yet mostly unfulfilled) shirt and shirt dress dreams and also includes one vanity party dress project (Simplicity 1059), two haunting UFOs (McCall’s 7314, a shirt dress I spontaneously cut out and half-sewed last summer, please don’t judge; and a Colette Beignet skirt for which I cut out a lining but, inexplicably, not the main shell), and a half-baked cardigan hack inspired by Johanna’s brilliant tutorial.

Very nice, but possibly also very unrealistic.

… And cue sudden temperature drop and now the thing trending on Twitter as #blizzard2017, and I’m back to the previous page in my sewing notebook. (I’m also back in the Keaton pants, which continue to be my stylish saviors in this a—-ole winter of cruel deceptions.)

As a reminder, here’s my previous wardrobe disorder remedy sketch, with some actual results:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are almost out of Pipe Dream Province here as most of the sketched items have been sewn. One item remains on the list (but with the pattern cut out, so baby steps are being made!). That last item will likely be Butterick “See and Sew” 5908, subbing for the pattern from Burda Style Wardrobe Essentials that I’ve been too lazy to trace (this one, and yes, I might still change my mind and trace it).

And here’s the current garment-in-progress, pleated pants from Burda 8/2016:


Magazine photo and my hand-basted pair ready for first try-on, with additional cat hair embellishment.

It seems like it’s all pants all the time here now and like I’m suddenly very cavalier about making them. I’ve by no means become a pant fitting expert overnight but, to be honest, the pairs I’ve made so far look and feel better than almost all the RTW pairs I own, so that motivates me to keep working on new pairs. I stumbled upon this great post by Jasika Nicole about how exhilarating making pants is and: (1) I agree, (2) I bought that Burda pattern, so now that’s some kind of a plan, too.

So it looks like I’ve become more of a planner than I’d imagined possible, and making/hoping to make all these pants patterns, and more than mildly Burda obsessed…

Pants against blizzards, friends. Cheer me up in my snow prison and tell me what you’ve been up to.


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7 thoughts on “Seasonal Wardrobe Disorder #2”

      1. I am soooooooo missing sewing at the moment. And gagging to get into my SWAP sewing. Although have a dress for a wedding to make which will be #1 sewing job when I get back into it. Then of course here the weather is getting cooler and I want to start making lots of other delish things and learn to knit. But SWAP is getting done – it might just be an extended 2017 project!


        1. It’s an ambitious project. But it’s bound to really change the ratio of me-mades to RTW in your wardrobe. I feel like in this challenge you’ve zeroed in on a category of formal wear that gets often overlooked.

          I hope you get more time for sewing soon. I’m looking forward to seeing that dress!
          I’m struggling to find time myself and I’m afraid that struggle just makes me more hermitlike…

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Love your sketches, there are some super patterns, s1059 looks like a super dress. I think I could do with sitting and making a plan, I tend to go with the flow but then get stuck on what to sew next or not having the right fabric.


    1. I know how that goes 🙂 I do get stuck too. Planning helps with that a little but it can make sewing feel like work, and that’s not good. However, with my rapidly aging wardrobe, filling the gaps by sewing makes it all kind of blissful. (At least when things go according to plan.)

      I love the version of S1059 I’ve seen online. I think it’s a simple pattern with lots of potential. I still need to figure out the right fabric pairing to truly make it wearable for me.

      Thanks so much for your comment!


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