Me-Made May 2017: days 1-6 and first discoveries

First off, a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s commented on the previous post both here and on Instagram. It took me time and brainpower to write that one up. I wanted it to be clear and helpful. Thanks again for the lovely response, and I’ll be sure to follow up on that post when I learn something new about fitting.

Me-Made May is here! And it caught me in a shirt-making frenzy and already showed me another serious wardrobe gap: clothes for the home.

Here’s a quick roundup of what me-mades I wore on the first six days:

Top row, left to right: May 1:McCall’s 7387May 2: Plantain tee and denim Rooibos dressMay 3: Laurel blouse and pleated pants from Burda 8/2016
Bottom row, left to right: May 4: Plantain tee and handknit cardigan (pattern is Walnuss by Ankestrick), May 5: Floral Menace Helmi and my last handknit cardiganMay 6: Mesa knit shift and my favorite handknit cardigan (pattern: Oblique by Veronik Avery)

I decided to take as much pressure off as possible when it comes to photos. If it’s easier to snap a quick photo before getting dressed, I do just that. No repeats, no posing. I’m treating these as documentation rather than a photography challenge.

Thoughts so far: my work wardrobe is finally taking shape. The pants I made this year and the new shirts are really filling an important gap. Hurray!

But on days I’m working from home and on weekends getting dressed is not so easy if the plan is just to stay in. I need some nice clothes for that time at home. I’d better stop trying to “save” knits for dresses and make more tees and pants for lounging. Step away from the shirt patterns…

How is May going for you? Are you taking part in Me-Made May this year? Any discoveries?


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8 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2017: days 1-6 and first discoveries”

  1. Ha ha you’re right there. I can wear me made outside easily but not in the house. Part of that is that I’m just not bothered to sew pyjama bottoms! I should make some knit tank tops to fill that gap though. Also, I’m super impressed that those are all one shot pictures!

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    1. Exactly! I’ve made two pairs of PJ bottoms, and they get lots of wear. I need a real PJ set, and with nice, good quality fabric. That’s probably not going to happen in May, but it needs to become a solid plan. I could also use some pull-on pants for the home (I can’t believe I just committed to that! I blame it on Burda Easy — scroll through this post to see why) and more t-shirts. I really need to replace the old and worn bottoms I reach for, and to enlarge the t-shirt pool…

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      1. I hear ya! I’ve decided to make myself a little romper for wandering around the house in with a dressing gown. But other than that I just don’t want to waste precious fabric/time on those kinds of projects!

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        1. I know… the fabric question is what I’m trying to figure out right now. I think it will be good for me to challenge my ideas about the best use for my fabrics (i.e. not every larger quantity needs to become a dress, lol).

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  2. I tried MMM last year, but the documenting was just too much! I pretty much wear something I make every day anyway (feels wrong if I don’t!) but it’s good to see what other people wear and learn throughout the process. I’m in the process of changing jobs which will mean a bit of a work wear change, and casual and semi formal wear are the gaps for me, which I am trying to remedy. It’s good to see where the issues are though.


    1. This year I’m taking the pressure off the photo quality. So far it’s all one take and deal with it, and often I’m just photographing clothes on the floor. I’m treating this as a period of wardrobe observation more than anything else — really trying to hunt down those wardrobe gaps and plan future makes more strategically.

      You seem to know your wardrobe and your preferred match between style and occasion pretty well, so I agree that the daily photos could just end up being an annoyance rather than a motivator or research tool.

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