Me-Made May 2017: days 7-14 and new makes

Hello, everyone! We are getting to the mid-point. So far I’m feeling good about the discipline of documenting the wearing part of Me-Made May, though I know I likely won’t be able to catch the final days of the month… But so far, so good. You can find my first week roundup here.

Here’s my second week (plus one day):

From left, clockwise: May 7: very blue in a Scout tee in that ubiquitous rayon print and RTW pants; May 8: those Burda pants I wore a lot the previous week with the cardigan I also wear very often and a RTW tunic; May 9: one of my newer Plantain tees, my beloved Oblique cardigan, socks I knitted while reading Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer (a personally significant detail), and RTW pants that were a lovely hand-me-down from a friend.

May 10: Burda pleated pants and Helmi blouse in buttery soft blue rayon (post coming up!); May 11 (the two smaller photos): working from home meant too much indecision and PJs, then a Maya Top (pattern by Marilla Walker) with the RTW pants I wore on May 9.

May 12: Rooibos dress in a great fabric from Cotton and Steel (a quilting cotton print called Sprinkle) with a green laceweight cardigan (the pattern is Oregon Coast by Jenise Hope) and a black short-sleeve Plantain tee you can’t see; May 13: my favorite version of the Laurel dress from Colette Patterns in a blue poly crepe that turned out unexpectedly pleasant to wear; May 14: McCall’s 7445 pants in “corduroy” fabric (ekhm, not really corduroy), Laurel blouse in another great Cotton and Steel fabric (rayon poplin) and same cardigan as May 12.

As you can see, I’m not afraid of repeats. I actually wish there wasn’t this invisible pressure on women to always try to wear something new. I had a friend who tried to avoid wardrobe repeats for the longest periods of time and counted on other people noticing that. It was the opposite of my aspirations. Just thinking about it makes me tired on her behalf. If only everything went with everything… but that’s taking it too far, I guess.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on in the past weeks:

a third Helmi blouse, which needs a post of its own and a second #sewtogetherforsummer dress. This time I reached for McCall’s 6885 and at this point I have very mixed feelings about this pattern…

How are you finding Me-Made May so far?


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4 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2017: days 7-14 and new makes”

  1. Damn those Helmis look good! I can’t wait to see some more detail on them! I might just have to get that pattern too! *Named: how I love you.*
    Nice seeing all those me-mades.


    1. Thanks! so far, so good. Probably because I’m fine with wardrobe repeats and not-so-great photography 😛

      I have yet another Helmi planned but not yet cut out… First I really need to finish the post about the ones I already made. The pictures are ready and that’s half the battle!

      This is the first pattern from Named that I’ve made and I’m so impressed! The proportions of the garment work so well, all notches match up, every detail is so cleverly planned… Clearly, I need to set aside some money to buy more of their patterns. I have my eye on several of course. I bought the Pulmu pencil skirt when I bought Helmi but that pattern needs some serious prep work because I’m significantly shorter than the height they draft for.

      I can’t wait to see your Quinn shirt. The details on that pattern are fantastic. That slightly cropped button placket — brilliant!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re doing really well with documenting what you wear & I love seeing all these roundup
    Posts with everyone’s makes all together. I’ve been terrible at documenting but have been wearing me-makes every day.
    I agree with you re repeats, when I find a new favourite combination I tend to wear it loads & have no qualms/embarrassment about doing so!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to hear I’m not alone on the repeat front! I see it as a significant way to simplify daily decision making.

      Try to make the photos as simple and stress-free as possible for yourself. You’ve made some truly beautiful clothes, so they will “speak for themselves” in the pictures 🙂

      That said, wearing me-mades is the real objective, so you’re doing it right, photos or no photos 🙂

      I just saw your post about the Cora app… I should check that out. Hmm…


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