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Apparently I’ve forgotten how to blog. It all started with an allergy to photo-taking combined with heat-exacerbated decision fatigue. Translation: I wasn’t getting much sewing done. Then I sewed a few things, but only when I broke the cycle.

This is what happens to me:

I stare from the pile of fabrics to the pile of patterns I just selected. None of the patterns seems good enough for the fabrics at first. Then I inevitably pick the challenging ones, with a lot of shaping. They all need muslining. It turns out I’m out of muslin and willingness. And so the fabrics end up being too precious and I get stuck.

The remedy: easy sewing. The photo above is one of such easy projects that got me sewing again. Now to get it photographed and give it a proper post…

But first a couple of questions for you if you have a minute: Do you ever get stuck in this way? What slows you down or drains your sewing motivation?


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14 thoughts on “sneaking a peek”

  1. I think working FT and having lots of chores to do saps my motivation. I fit sewing in sometimes, in fits and spurts, but then I have no time to blog (even though I want to). I like seeing what you make!


    1. Thanks! I think sometimes sewing is not the answer but resting with a good book is… so most likely I’ll post more about what I’m reading in the future πŸ˜‰


  2. Yeh, I get in the same cycle of not knowing what to sew, or wanting to sew anything at all. It’s often because I’ve picked a fabric for a project which turned out to be inappropriate, then I have a pattern with no fabric and fabric with no pattern!

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    1. I’m trying to restrain myself from buying fabric. All my summer makes so far have been results of shopping the stash or even shopping the remnants bin of my stash… Mixed results. But at least it makes me feel less guilty about potentially wasting fabric… It’s tough, though…

      You’ve made some great things this summer/winter. That Named outfit is fantastic!


  3. I get stuck when I’m not loving what I make, or can’t get the result I want, It happens that I might have a project on hold for weeks until I just take the decision to move on and make it work, most of the time it’s a success so I think it’s good to just take a brake for a while!


    1. My reply got eaten by a dropping connection :/
      Try #2: I absolutely agree about needing a break from sewing every now and then. I just wish the breaks lined up with my work schedule. Unfortunately, I often get the urge to sew something when I’m absolutely swamped at work πŸ˜‰


  4. I get stuck in that “no muslin fabric/don’t want to spoil the good fabric” loop all the time. I’m there right now with my first pair of jeans! So frustrating! I’m now attempting to stop thinking of fabric as precious as it’ll never get used and what’s the point?! “It’s just fabric” is becoming my new mantra! And yes, an easy sew is a good way to get back on the horse.


    1. High five, Helen! But, more importantly, thank you for sharing the mantra. There’s a few pieces of nice yardage I need to whisper that over.

      The best of luck with your jeans! That’s a really exciting project. I’ll be waiting for updates on IG and on your blog!


  5. Usually brain fog or low blood pressure keep me from sewing, or if I do keep pushing through and sewing something it ends up a complete mess because I can’t think clearly. and sometimes I’m just unmotivated, I don’t want to make something simple or use a pattern that I’ve done a bunch of times but I also don’t want to deal with the complex patterns that involve a lot of details or fitting because I just don’t have the excitement or the energy to work on those.
    and at some point I either get excited about a project or I just have to push myself through the slump and work on something I have had on the list of things to sew for a while.


    1. I’ve sewn when not feeling well and, just like for you, it hasn’t worked out well for me. I just get too impatient and sloppy.

      It’s a good idea to find a fairly easy but exciting pattern. Or… to switch to knitting πŸ˜‰ I’ve gotten a surprising amount of knitting done this July.

      PS: Love your summer hair!


      1. Yeah, I haven’t gotten as much sewing done as I’d hoped due to the health thing this summer. But I have also gotten quite a bit of knitting finished as well! I’ve started on knitted christmas gifts and I’m in a sweater knitting mood, so hopefully that lasts until I finish the sweaters I started!
        And thank you! The teal hair is still new to me but I’m loving it!

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        1. I hope you feel better soon. Another side to health problems (apart from the problems themselves) is what they do to our sense of self. We all tend to see ourselves through the lens of what we do, so when we do less, that can really get us down…

          But we are definitely more than the sum of our accomplishments and completed plans.

          Sorry if that came out incoherent.

          Wishing you strength and happy knitting ❀


          1. Yes, being sick can make me feel a lot less like myself. But the good thing is there are still things that I enjoy that I can do while not feeling well (like knitting or reading). So it’s not all bad! I’ve managed to get nearly an entire body on a man’s sweater finished in the last week thanks to feeling ill and exclusively working on that haha. And thank you! happy knitting and happy sewing to you too!

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