Sewing the Seventies: My Vintage Patterns

Hello! I have no new sewing content to share, since my recent output consists of dutifully made t-shirts from patterns I’ve already written about. So I figured it’s a good time for a bit of an eye candy post.

Here are some ’70s patterns I picked up from various sources — and mostly for a steal. With one exception (scroll down to the bottom of the post), they’re all waiting to be made. I guess, in a way, it’s a post about my laziness as much as about ’70s eye candy.

First up: a pattern for jeans with an envelope illustration I love. I wish I were as cool as these ladies (and could reliably wear white shirts…).


I think the size marked on it actually makes sense when you consult the back of the envelope as it has no relationship to contemporary Vogue Patterns sizing (I think…). It hasn’t mattered yet because I’m too scared to make jeans.

Next: Glamorous dress reminiscent of the recent Vogue Patterns hit (this one). I both love it and am consumed by worry that it’s too boob-tastic for me to actually wear.


The illustration style on the envelope for this shirt pattern looks ’70s tilting into the ’80s to me. Maybe it’s the perm on the lady in the middle? I like views A and B (I’d like them more if I knew how to figure out a broad back adjustment for raglan sleeves). View C is the stuff of clown nightmares for me. Get away from me, oh bloodthirsty one!


Now, this is a real thrifting score — it came in a ziplock bag of mostly ’80s patterns for $1. I like the lapels. There’s a softness to this blazer that really appeals to me.


Another one from the same bag — this one is from 1980 so, depending on whether you’re a glass half-full or half-empty person, either the last year of the 1970s or a launch into the ’80s. I like the simplicity of this design, but I’m not sure what would be “extra-sure” about it. A jacket for your clairvoyant needs.


Finally, one I made, though with some changes. Would make again.


Any tips for me as far as making the leap from admiring to sewing goes? You may have noticed, the sizing on these is all over the place, which gives me yet another reason to procrastinate.

What ’70s patterns do you have in your stash?


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5 thoughts on “Sewing the Seventies: My Vintage Patterns”

    1. Some of the men’s patterns from that decade are wacky! But that poncho sounds fun. It’s so wonderful that your dad wore his gift!

      All my ’70s patterns were bought by happy accident. The second-hand market is so robust in the US compared to Europe. I end up buying a lot of books second hand, and I’ve even bought some lovely fabrics second-hand.

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  1. I have heaps, lots from my mum and others I’ve picked up during my op-shop travels. I don’t worry too much about size – particularly for these soft things that aren’t too structured. I just compare to a pattern I know fits and then add more width if needed. So naughty!!

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    1. Your collection must be amazing! I really like seeing your take on some of the vintage patterns you’ve sewn and blogged about.

      It seems to me that this, um, naughty risk-taking is very often the best way to actually get things made rather than admire them from a distance… That’s how I’ve ended up on a major Burda kick: the drafting is pretty consistent, so I can compare new patterns to ones I’ve already made and usually just end up adding my usual adjustments. I don’t think I’d have been able to make anything in the past several months otherwise…

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      1. Nice. I have yet to get on the Burda train. But I do realistically have so many patterns that probably I’m ok 😀 but I do have the 70s remake Burda book that came out last year. There’s some pretty cute stuff in there…

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