the dress of summer 2018

That’s bold, isn’t it? Here’s the dress:


It is, believe it or not, the Donna dress from the Burda Vintage ’70s special issue. Yes, this one: the dress I planned to sew for “Sewing the Seventies” but it was not to be.

So without making it up as drafted, I played with the pattern to turn it into a bit of a Tessuti Lois dress lookalike*… I added kimono sleeves with cuffs, added a bit to the sides to give it pull-on capabilities, and added some waist ties.


Oh, and I added a facing because I didn’t want to line it.


The fabric is a linen woven out of blue and black threads (anyone know the name of that kind of weave?).

I’ve really loved wearing this dress. Its one shortcoming is lack of pockets, but I don’t really see a good way to add them to this design. And it’s helped me keep my feelings about this year’s weight gain in check. It’s a comfort dress.

What’s your favorite garment this summer or winter?

*Yeah, I didn’t feel like messing with turning those gathers into a dart.

PS: This was also my Burda Challenge item for July, and the only thing I made in July, at the same time.


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2 thoughts on “the dress of summer 2018”

  1. I have this issue and had considered making the same dress but the neckline seamed really low so I didn’t make it after all, I’m that lazy that a small alteration was good enough to prevent me from using this pattern. I wonder if you did alter the neckline though as in your dress it dosen’t look low. You did a good job with the alterations and the final look of the dress is perfect!


    1. Thanks! I’m not 100% sure anymore, but I don’t think I altered anything about the neckline. I just made sure to add to the side seams so I can skip the zipper and have pull-on dress for the summer 🙂 I couldn’t be more pleased with the pattern after this alteration and adding the kimono sleeves 🙂

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