it’s oh so quiet

Recent reads and rereads.

Hello. It’s been a while…

There, in the background of the photo, is my sewing machine under its plastic cover. I do still use it; however, truthfully, I have been sewing only sporadically in the past months.

One serious reason: I took stock of my wardrobe and discovered that I was pretty satisfied with the state of things. There still are gaps, and I will still be thinking about meaningful additions (handmade or RTW), but overall I’m really happy with what I have. Especially with the things I’ve made for myself.

The period of furious making has really paid off.

I went through a similar experience with knitting before I learned to sew. I made lots and lots of things for myself and others. (Unfortunately, in the process, I also gave myself a repetitive-stress injury that became a serious reason why I needed to slow down.)

In this cold spell we’re having, I am thoroughly enjoying my handknits. I’ve also repaired several of them already. And they continue.

I’m in a similar place with sewing, I recognize. I see that in a significant way I have enough.

Enough doesn’t mean perfection. Enough just means a state of contentment that, if you don’t watch for it, might slip your notice.

So this is not a “last post” (I hope) and not even a big announcement, really. I definitely still enjoy sewing blogs and seeing what people are making these days. But I’m also enjoying this slow sense of contentment, and more time for reading. (Hence the picture above.)

Best wishes and thanks for reading.


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I write about sewing, knitting, and may sometimes be tempted to talk about books.

9 thoughts on “it’s oh so quiet”

  1. Nice to see you back, and I hope this isn’t the end! I’m slowing down in my production, too, just sewing things I really think I need in my wardrobe (and removing those that don’t fit that criteria).

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    1. Thanks, Siobhan! I’m not intending this to be the end (that sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?). I’m hoping to make the Kaste dress from the Named Clothing book, so I’d definitely try to write about that and snap some pics… Let’s hope I don’t get too lazy 😉

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  2. I’m on an Instagram break and therefore back into reading blogs so only just catching up. I am naturally a slow sewist but even so, am trying hard to think about “enough”. It’s easy to finish something and crack straight on with the next project, but I am forcing myself to take breaks during projects and to really think about what I want to wear, not sew and then show off on IG! It’s nice. And not being on IG probably helps too. And I can fill the crafty void with a big cross stitch project I was given for Christmas. Hope to see you soon, but only for the right reasons!

    So many “ands” in that comment.


    1. Thank you, Helen! I like “ands” — sometimes “and” is just the right way to connect ideas… Breaks like these are very helpful, and I don’t think they’re necessarily “final” but it helps to be able to think and rethink things a bit.

      As far as making is concerned — I definitely still need more knit tops this winter 😉


  3. Hello! I was happy to see you in my feed the other day and know you’re still around watching… (that sounds creepier than I intended). I know what you mean about having enough for now – although I haven’t got there yet! I’m slowly, slowly, honing my style, but I can foresee the day when I shall also feel like that. Good to hear from you!!

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    1. Ha ha, yes, slightly creepy — but I don’t want to be creepy! 🙂

      “Enough” is relative and I hope you know there’s no judgment there on my part when it comes to anyone else… or myself, really. The truth is also that I’ve been exploring other hobbies. I have no intention of abandoning sewing entirely but I’m enjoying the much slower pace of making.

      And I’m always looking forward to seeing what you make next 🙂


        1. Nothing wacky, I’m afraid 😉

          I’m definitely enjoying reading more, and writing more. I finally feel like I have more energy for exercise, which has been really wonderful.

          And I’m knitting two sweaters very, very slowly. 😉


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