minime7 Hello! Thanks for stopping by. On the left is a picture of the doll I made in early March 2016 to play the role of a mini-me for blog purposes. We look absolutely similar and she smiles more than I do, so she really was the better choice for this gig.

My name is Kamila and I’m a self-taught knitter and sewist. Somewhere in the Threads magazine archive there is an article that puts down people’s preferences between the forms “sewer” and “sewist” to “sewist” being more like “artist.” I don’t go by that. Reading “sewer” I always end up struggling with waste disposal-related associations and that’s my only justification for calling myself a “sewist”. As you will quickly learn from the blog, I have a lot to learn and am keenly aware of it.

My day job has nothing to do with sewing or knitting and we shall not speak of it. Interestingly, several of the men  and women in my family dabbled in sewing while having completely different day jobs. No one taught me to sew for fear of me sewing through my fingers, but I remember my grandmother flipping out when my grandfather re-upholstered the living room set in a fabric she hated. Sweet memories of childhood.

Knitting and sewing have saved me from the harmful misconception that I’m all about abstract stuff (OK, I mainly mean reading). I’m actually tactile like an impatient six-year-old, and I think knowing that makes the reading better, I’d argue. I always need to have at least one novel that I’m actively reading, with usually one or two on the back burner (the smaller the book, the more likely it is to be taken to an appointment). I read non-fiction, too, but there always has to be a novel nearby.

I have a feline assistant who thinks I’m his human PA.

And those are probably the essentials. Thanks for reading!